Why An Upgraded AV Distribution System Is Essential For Modern Office Environments

20 October 2020
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If you are responsible for a business in an office environment, you likely have in-house staff and clients that you service elsewhere. Some of your clients may visit your location for business meetings and perhaps you or other members of your team may travel to theirs, too. Busy professionals may find it hard to get everything done. Proper planning may not be able to prevent overlapping meetings and the stress and other factors may end up negatively impacting performance. You may also face the grim prospect of losing key clients if your business is unable to keep up with technology and trends. 

Many business owners in this situation can overlook the power of upgrading their AV distribution systems. Outdated systems may not be giving you the competitive edge needed to make business operations easier. The following points represent a few benefits you could reap from a commercial audio-video distribution system upgrade. 

Seamless Lobby Entertainment Options

If you have a television in your waiting room, you likely do not want to risk any remotes getting damaged due to falling on the floor or other accidents. Remotes can also become "germ magnets" when too many people touch them and disinfecting after every use can be time-consuming. Upgrading can allow your customers to request a channel change that your receptionist can complete without getting up from their station. You can also integrate a music sound system to play music of your choice that is ideal for your business type. For example, soothing sounds could be played in waiting rooms where individuals are waiting for test results or about to make serious business decisions. 

Improved Productivity

If your office is understaffed, employees could continue to perform some of their work in their offices and listen to conference meetings rather than going in person. This might also be ideal in situations where there is limited conference room space but all members of a team need to hear the information. An upgraded audio-video system will allow you to turn on audio and video in zones and also allow remote access. This ensures that all members can get the full benefit of staying aware of company news. 

Travel Savings

You may also be able to reduce your travel expenses by enhancing your video conferencing capabilities. A new AV distribution system can help you achieve this. An audio-video installation company is a good resource to use to learn more about AV advancements and creating a customized solution for your business. Contact an audio-video distribution system service for more information.