The Right Stagehand Can Keep A Horror Show From Being A Horrible Show

6 April 2020
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Horror isn't the most common of genres for theatrical productions, but some plays and musicals did well with audiences. Dracula is a horror icon who successfully transitioned from novels to the stage and continued his dark theatrical success for over a century. Today, a theatrical production can stream live online and captivate horror fans across the globe. With horror productions, even low-budget productions rely on special effects. Live events can't rely on retakes, so working with an experienced stage crew becomes essential. Talented stagehands, booked through an established staffing agency, could serve as "invisible creatures" that help the main monster pull off theatrical trickery.

Supporting the Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of disbelief remains a vital component of any fantasy-oriented theater production. Horror projects require the audience to immerse themselves in a world outside of normal reality. A smooth performance helps the cause. Special effects and prop engagements, done right, maintain the audience's suspension of disbelief. A skilled stagehand often serves as the unsung here who helps maintain believability, even when the events on stage appear otherworldly. Here are some ways a stagehand lends the assist necessary to make Dracula believable:

  • Props Get Handed Off Effectively: Dracula makes his presence known when the light from lit candles he holds draws attention to him. The recreation of Dracula's classic cinematic descent down castle stairs can be tricky to pull off. Assisting Dracula to keep both him and his candles hidden from view until the right moment requires patience, precision, and stage crew expertise.
  • Moving Things Things Where They Need To Be: Smaller venues require effective blocking of actors so that they can move around seamlessly on a minuscule, prop-filled stage. When changing scenes, the lights dim, and stagehands have to move things around. Dracula's coffin better go where intended. Otherwise, the Lord of the Vampires may bump into the casket. Experienced stagehands can move quickly and perform their duties with efficiency. The coffin will go where planned.
  • Respond to Unexpected Problems: If the bat-on-a-wire gets stuck and doesn't "fly" into the room, someone has to free it. A quick-acting stagehand can do more than free the bat; they could perform the task without calling any distracting attention.

Finding the best stagehand for a horror production doesn't necessarily require much searching and interviewing. Contacting a stagehand staffing service may be all a producer needs to do. Maybe the best available stagehand is also a huge horror fan. If so, then they can bring enthusiasm to the spook show. Reach out to a local stagehand staffing provider for more information.