High-End Audio: What You Should Be Looking For And Why

13 October 2018
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High-, medium-, and low-end products exist for practically everything there is that is worth buying in this world. That is equally true of audio equipment. If you are going to invest in audio equipment for your band and your performances, you want as high-end as you can afford. Here is what you should be looking for, and why.

Hemingway Cables

Premium cables such as these deliver the highest quality sound. They are comprised of numerous layers that deliver powerful signals and protect each layer in the cabling from anything outside the cables that can damage it. High-quality cables are constructed using layers of rubber, Teflon, silicon, nylon, and urethane. At the very heart of high-quality cables are cabled CUs, and not just three, five, or ten, but almost double that of low-quality cables. This construction ensures that sound, electricity, and all of their signals get equal transmission.


Now that you invested in high-quality cables, do not forget the amplifiers. You want to amplify that excellent sound, and you cannot do that with subpar amplifiers. Wherever you buy your cables, ask the experts there what they would recommend for high-quality "amps". Make sure your new cables are compatible with the high-quality amps you buy, too. Mention the brand of cables you have so that the sales associates can point out amplifiers that will work well with your cables.


Finally, concert sound cannot reverberate outward without speakers. Woofers and subwoofers are the basic gear every musician should travel with, but you may also need some tweeters and twiddlers, depending on your stage in each venue where your band plays. Your roadies can and should help with that as well. Ask them what kind of equipment you need to add to what you already have, and then be sure to buy only the best speakers (since you already invested in some of the best cables and amplifiers).

Cost Is Everything

Yes, high-end, high-quality audio equipment is pricey, but it is definitely worth it, especially when you are in a band. Think of it as an investment. The more money you invest in the equipment, the better the band sounds. The better the band sounds, the more people are going to talk about what a great concert it was to their friends. The more friends that hear what a great concert it was, the more people are going to want to come hear your band play again. From there, you can expect profits and popularity to rise.

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