The Right Stagehand Can Keep A Horror Show From Being A Horrible Show

6 April 2020
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Horror isn't the most common of genres for theatrical productions, but some plays and musicals did well with audiences. Dracula is a horror icon who successfully transitioned from novels to the stage and continued his dark theatrical success for over a century. Today, a theatrical production can stream live online and captivate horror fans across the globe. With horror productions, even low-budget productions rely on special effects. Live events can't rely on retakes, so working with an experienced stage crew becomes essential. Read More 

High-End Audio: What You Should Be Looking For And Why

13 October 2018
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High-, medium-, and low-end products exist for practically everything there is that is worth buying in this world. That is equally true of audio equipment. If you are going to invest in audio equipment for your band and your performances, you want as high-end as you can afford. Here is what you should be looking for, and why. Hemingway Cables Premium cables such as these deliver the highest quality sound. They are comprised of numerous layers that deliver powerful signals and protect each layer in the cabling from anything outside the cables that can damage it. Read More 

6 Simple Ways To Improve The Sound In Your Home Theater

5 April 2017
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Every room in your home sounds different based on the surfaces within and how they reflect, absorb, or spread sound. This is known as "acoustics," and the shape of the room, height of the ceiling, distance between the walls, and types of surfaces all play an integral role. If you're not happy with the way your home theater sounds, don't rush out and buy new speakers. You might simply need to tweak a couple things to get the improvement you're looking for. Read More 

Troubleshooting Your Own Drain and Sewer Lines Is Easy and Can Save You Money

27 March 2017
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Many homeowners dread experiencing plumbing problems because they think that it will mean expensive repairs. Clogs are one of the most common plumbing issues people experience. If you ever start to experience clogged plumbing in your home, you could save yourself time and money by knowing a few basic plumbing approaches that you can perform yourself. The following points can help you protect and detect issues in your plumbing system. Read More